The lawyer’s office

The office is in modern premises centrally situated in No. 16 Bøgøta, Tórshavn.

The office is open from 08.00 to 12.00 and from 13.30 to 16.30.

At the moment the office staff  counts 8 of which 5 are barristers and 3 secretaries.

Modern communication and data equipment is available in order to attend to the daily tasks.

The tasks comprise all the different  jobs in a modern lawyer’s office, such as collection of debts and related matters, inheritance and administration of estates,  compensation matters, questions of taxation, staff matters, divorces, matrimonial cases, fishery matters, criminal cases, compulsory sales, liquidation of companies, composition, bankruptcy, forming and winding up of companies, purchase and sale of  real properties, ships, personal properties, auctions and so on.

The most recent  computer technology on the market is available at the office. The computer system is well equipped with special programs making it possible to register, co-ordinate and closely follow the progress of all cases right from beginning to end.

The homepage is our  window to the world outside and as such it is updated on a regular basis with all  relevant information. When visiting our homepage it is, among other things, possible for our clients to get updated as concerns all our collection cases.

The office is constantly being improved and aims at rendering its clients the best services with a view to qualifications and technological innovation.